Front driver angle of a blue 2020 Chevrolet Equinox

Should I Buy a Crossover or an SUV?

Crossover vs SUV Compare and Contrast

Do you need a vehicle for you and your family? Looking for more space than a sedan or hatchback? Chances are, you’re considering a crossover or an SUV. While both are similar in many ways, each body style offers unique benefits that will suit some drivers better than others. To help you determine whether you should buy a crossover or an SUV, we will compare and contrast these two vehicle types here at Sheehy Auto Outlet.

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Gears inside of a car

What are the Three Types of Car Transmissions?

Manual vs Automatic vs CVT Transmission Comparison

Shopping for a car? You’ll come across a vast array of unique options. Not only will you need to decide on a body type, brand, and model, but you may also need to choose between various transmissions. The three types of car transmissions you will likely come across are manual, automatic, and CVT. How are these transmissions different? To help you decide, we will explore the pros and cons for each option.

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Grandfather buckling a baby boy into a car seat

Tips for Remembering Your Child in the Backseat of a Car

Ways to Prevent Heat Stroke from a Hot Car

Summer is here which means the weather will be much hotter than normal. While many enjoy the heat, it presents a danger to some of our community’s most vulnerable members – young children. Each year, tragedies take place in which a child is forgotten about and left inside a hot car. To help prevent heat stroke among children, here are some tips to remember your child in the backseat of a car.

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Close up of a worker cleaning the inside of a car

What Should I Use to Disinfect my Car for Coronavirus?

Cleaning Products You Should and Should Not Use Inside of a Vehicle

Cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle has never been more important. If you are driving someone that is not in your household or are visiting public places like the grocery store, being cautious and disinfecting your car can help prevent Coronavirus from entering your household. However, not everyone knows what to use to disinfect a car for Coronavirus. Here’s our list of cleaning products you should and should not use inside of a vehicle.

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Outdoor trail through the woods

Where Can I Go Outside During Quarantine in Manassas, VA?

Parks and Trails near Manassas, Virginia

It’s very tough to stay inside for days on end. In fact, staying indoors feels like a chore to many. Thankfully, you can still walk outside and check out some beautiful sites as long as you keep at least six feet away from other people. We recommend exploring some local parks and trails to get yourself some fresh air and ease your mind during this difficult time. Below, you will find our list of suggested parks and trails you can visit during quarantine near Manassas, VA. Read the rest of this entry >>