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How to Celebrate Memorial Day at Home

Activity Ideas for Memorial Day 2020

Businesses may still be closed, but that doesn’t mean the holiday festivities have to end. You’d be surprised just how many ways you can celebrate Memorial Day at home this year. To help start planning, here are a few activity ideas for Memorial Day 2020.

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Watch Popular War Movies

Want to snuggle up for the night? Movies like Dunkirk and Saving Private Ryan offer unique perspectives on what it’s like to be in war. Of course, these types of movies can get rather violent and gory, so use your best discretion if you choose to have your kids watch with you.

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Write Letters to Soldiers

Wish you can express your gratitude for the service that our selfless military members provide every day? Share why you are thankful by writing letters to soldiers. Not only is this a fun activity for kids, but your child can practice their handwriting as they bring positivity to the life of the soldier reading it.

Grill Out and Have Some Drinks with the Family

We may be socially distant, but quarantine has brought families closer together than ever before. If the weather is nice, consider grilling some of your favorite foods like burgers, brats, and steaks. Make some cocktails or get some beers to share with family members that are of age. Not only will you enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal, but being able to step outside in some warm weather will certainly feel good.

Visit a State Park

With restrictions starting to lift, Memorial Day is a great time to get out of the house and visit a state park. While you’re there, think of the brave soldiers that have fought and continue to fight to protect this land that we take for granted. Remember to remain socially distant and only stick close to those in your household. For updates on the status of the Virginia state parks reopening, get your information here.

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