Close up of a dirty car seat with the text How to Clean Cloth Car Seats

How to Clean and Remove Stains on Cloth Car Seats at Home

You may have found a nasty stain on your cloth car seat. Depending on what had spilled or dropped in your car, these stains can be hard to remove. Rather than taking it in to a professional cleaner, there are ways to clean and remove stains on cloth car seats at home.

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Easy Ways to Clean Cloth Car Seats for Cheap

Hiring a cleaner is expensive. That’s why we Close up of a person wiping a car seat with a towel and holding a cleaning spray bottleencourage you to first try these easy and cheap ways to clean your cloth car seats.

  • Apply cleaning solution. These solutions are designed to clean cloth fabric and you can find these at general stores or online. Spray a few squirts of the solution and scrub with a toothbrush. Wipe away the extra solution with a clean towel and repeat the process until the stain is cleared. Be careful not to spray too close or too much as heavy amounts can cause it to soak through the cloth onto the cushion underneath. A wet cushion dampened with solution can mold and leave an odor.
  • Use laundry detergent. Before you go out and buy a cleaner you may never use again, try some laundry detergent. Mix detergent with hot water and dampen the stain. Use a clean towel damp with cold water to scrub and wipe away the detergent.
  • Mix a vinegar solution. Combine one cup of white distilled vinegar, few drops of dish soap, and a gallon of hot water. Once these are mixed together, dab on the stain with a clean towel. Use a toothbrush to scrub the stain. When you’re done, use clean water and another clean towel to wipe any excess vinegar and soap away.
  • Try baking soda. Mix ¼ cup of baking soda with one cup of warm water. Dampen and scrub the stain with a toothbrush. If the stain is difficult, dampen and leave it for half an hour. Then wipe with a clean cloth.
  • Spray club soda. Like the other mixtures, spray a light layer and use a toothbrush to scrub. Wipe excess club soda away with a towel.

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