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Tips for Remembering Your Child in the Backseat of a Car

Ways to Prevent Heat Stroke from a Hot Car

Summer is here which means the weather will be much hotter than normal. While many enjoy the heat, it presents a danger to some of our community’s most vulnerable members – young children. Each year, tragedies take place in which a child is forgotten about and left inside a hot car. To help prevent heat stroke among children, here are some tips to remember your child in the backseat of a car.

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Remind Yourself

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Finding a way to remind yourself is probably the most effective way to ensure that you do not forget your child inside of your car. There are many ways to do so and it’s important to find one that works for you and that you will stick to. Here are a few examples:

  • Keep one of your child’s toys in the backseat when unoccupied. When your child is in the car, move the toy to the front with you and keep it with an essential, like a purse or phone.
  • Keep someone important in the backseat but out of reach of your child, such as your purse, wallet, phone, or work bag.
  • If you know approximately when you are expected to park, set an alarm to remind you to check the backseat when you stop driving.
  • Never be distracted. Keep the phone away until you are safely parked, and you and your child are both out of the vehicle.
  • If any of the above fail, have someone else help you remember. If you are dropping your child off to a caregiver or family member, make sure they have your phone number and to call you if you are 10 minutes late.

Lock Your Car and Stash Your Keys Out of Reach

Unfortunately, your child’s curiosity may be the reason they get stuck inside your car. Even at home, you should always lock your car to ensure your child does not get inside. Also, stash your keys out of reach, like on a high shelf. Also teach your child that car keys are not toys.

Go Through the Drive-Thru or Have a Trusted Adult Stay in the Car with the A/C Running

You should never leave your child alone in the car, even if it’s just for a minute. If you are alone, take your child inside wherever you go or, if possible, go through the business’s drive-thru. If you have a trusted adult with you and do not wish to take your child for the few minutes you are gone, leave the vehicle running with the A/C on and the adult staying in the car. This will help ensure that your child stays cool and your child will not become victim to a possible child abduction. Also, remember that cracking a window will not help your child stay cool, so stick to the A/C.

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