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Driving in Virginia

Weird driving laws in Virginia you probably did not know

Virginia is known as being one of the first places the English settled when they came to America. Who would think that a place with so much history would also have some crazy driving laws! What are the weird driving laws in Virginia you probably did not know about? Keep reading below to learn more! We promise they will not disappoint!

Nine strange driving laws in Virginia

One: It is illegal to use police radar detectors

But why?

Two: A person may not park a car on the railroad tracks in Prince William County

Gavel and Wood

We thought this was a given since train schedules are pretty unpredictable, and you would probably be in the middle of the road if you left your vehicle parked on the tracks

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Three: If you go over the speed limit by 11 miles per hour on some highways, you could be put you in jail for a year

That seems a little much for speeding

Four: A person cannot ride on the handlebars of your bike in Virginia Beach

Not even with a helmet?

Five: In Virginia Beach, you cannot drive past the same place within thirty minutes on Atlantic Avenue

But I could not find a parking spot the first time I drove past

Six: In Virginia Beach again, if you are the passenger in a vehicle, and the driver gets pulled over for drunk driving, you may also receive a DUI if you are drunk

An extra reason to always get an Uber, Taxi, Lyft, or call someone to come pick you up

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Seven: If you are passing a vehicle, you must honk at them

Is this to let the other vehicle know they are going too slow?

Eight: A person cannot drive if they do not have shoes on

We thought this was a given, but apparently not so much

Nine: A female driver must have her husband walk in front of her vehicle waving red flags as she drives down Main Street in Waynesboro

Is she really that bad of a driver that the husband has to take drastic measure to warn people?

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