Front passenger angle of a white 2020 Chevrolet Traverse

What are the Differences Between SUVs and Minivans?

Used SUV vs Used Minivan

You may already know that you need a large vehicle that can seat the whole family and offers plenty of cargo space. Thus, SUVs and minivans are both great options. However, what are the differences between SUVs and minivans? You may be surprised.

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Safety and Interior Comfort

Safety should be high on your list when considering any type of vehicle. Both SUVs and minivans both offer relatively the same safety features, making either a good choice. However, minivans are slightly safer. Minivans are closer to the ground, making them less prone to rollovers than SUVs are. Being closer to the ground also makes it easier for elderly family members to get in and out of the vehicle.

Inside, SUVs and minivans both offer fantastic technology and comfort options. Minivans do pull ahead again though due to sliding doors. With the sliding doors, passengers can easily get in and out of the vehicle without having to worry about hitting the vehicle next to them if they are parked too close. These doors also make it easier for passengers to get to the third row.

Front driver angle of a white 2020 Chrysler Pacifica parked by an outdoor party2020 Chrysler Pacifica (Minivan)

Driver angle of a white 2020 Ford Expedition parked by the ocean2020 Ford Expedition (Full-Sized SUV)

Cargo Volume and Capability

If you need a vehicle that can hold as much cargo as possible, then you are better off buying a minivan. Most minivans will offer more space than even some of the largest SUVs. Models such as the Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan even offer the Stow ‘N Go feature, where the seats fold into the floor rather than just fold forward like many SUVs. Not only that, but the floor is lower in minivans, making loading heavy items much easier.

Regarding capability, SUVs generally have better performance. Since many SUVs are offered with available turbocharged V8 engines, these vehicles tend to offer higher horsepower and more towing capability. SUVs also look much sportier than minivans do, which is quite appealing to most drivers.

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Price Differences

If you are considering an SUV or a minivan but need the type that is more affordable, then the minivan is the vehicle for you. Some of the largest SUVs start at roughly 50k, while new minivans tend to start around $30k.

Which Should You Choose?

The answer to that question depends on how you expect to use your vehicle. Do you find yourself loading plenty of cargo inside or towing a trailer?

Of course, even after learning about the differences, it can be hard to choose. For help, contact us here at Sheehy Auto Outlet. We will be happy to offer more insight based on your needs.