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What Should I Use to Disinfect my Car for Coronavirus?

Cleaning Products You Should and Should Not Use Inside of a Vehicle

Cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle has never been more important. If you are driving someone that is not in your household or are visiting public places like the grocery store, being cautious and disinfecting your car can help prevent Coronavirus from entering your household. However, not everyone knows what to use to disinfect a car for Coronavirus. Here’s our list of cleaning products you should and should not use inside of a vehicle.

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Cleaners that You Should Consider

Soap and Water

This may sound a bit old-school, but you can never go wrong with soap and water. The only warnings you should know before you start using soap and water is that you never want to soak nor scrub too aggressively. Soaking the fabric can lead to mold as the moisture may not escape. Scrubbing too hard can also potentially remove the dyes and any coatings placed on that surface. In addition, make sure not to get any electronics too wet as this can damage them.

Alcohol-Based Wipes or Sprays

Another method you can use is an alcohol-based cleaner. These are typically sold in the form of wipes, which makes these cleaners easier to use and less time-consuming than soap and water. You may also find an alcohol-based cleaner as a liquid. If you plan to go this route, hunt for a cleaner specifically designed for cars. Like with soap and water, do not soak the interior and follow the instructions on the bottle to properly clean your vehicle.

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Cleaners that You Should Never Use

Now that we covered a couple options that you can use to clean your vehicle, here’s a list of cleaners you should never attempt to use as these can cause serious damage. Do not use:

  • Ammonia-based cleaners
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Bleach

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