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Where Can I Go Outside During Quarantine in Manassas, VA?

Parks and Trails near Manassas, Virginia

It’s very tough to stay inside for days on end. In fact, staying indoors feels like a chore to many. Thankfully, you can still walk outside and check out some beautiful sites as long as you keep at least six feet away from other people. We recommend exploring some local parks and trails to get yourself some fresh air and ease your mind during this difficult time. Below, you will find our list of suggested parks and trails you can visit during quarantine near Manassas, VA.

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Local Parks in Manassas, VA

Baldwin Park

Address: 9101 Prince William Street

City: Manassas, VA

Stonewall Park

Address: 8300 Stonewall Road

City: Manassas, VA

Dean Park

Address: 9501 Dean Park Lane

City: Manassas, VA

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Trails and Parks near Manassas, VA

Bull Run Regional Park

Address: 7700 Bull Run Drive

City: Centerville, VA


Deep Cut Loop Trail

Address: 6511 Sudley Road (Manassas National Battlefield Park)

City: Manassas, VA


Bull Run Occoquan Trail

Address: 12619 Old Yates Ford Road

City: Clifton, VA


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