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Why Should I Buy a Used SUV?

Benefits of Owning an SUV

Do you have a favorite type of vehicle? Perhaps you enjoy fast sedans, powerful trucks, or capable vans. One vehicle class that should not be underestimated is the SUV class. SUVs are becoming increasingly popular thanks to its various benefits. Learn why families are making the switch to SUVs here!

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Advantages of Driving an SUVRear passenger angle of a silver 2020 Ford Explorer parked on a beach with a family walking towards it

SUVs and crossovers are fantastic for those with families or individuals expecting to haul large belongings often or take friends on road trips. In case you didn’t know, crossovers are known as smaller SUVs. Depending on the size, SUVs will seat anywhere from five to eight people inside. With the rear seats folded, the available cargo space is similar to a minivan. If the interior cargo space isn’t enough, SUVs often are able to tow heavy trailers behind. To compliment the towing capability, many models will offer all-wheel drive so you can traverse more difficult terrain on camping trips. Along with family outings, AWD will make driving with slick road conditions easier and safer.

Many SUVs will even offer great fuel economy and engine power. Like sedans, many crossovers will also be easy to handle versus vehicles like large trucks or vans.

Finally, advancements in technology make newer SUVs great for entertaining passengers and connecting your devices. Along with comfort and entertainment, these advancements led to more effective and useful safety features. Some examples of common safety features found in SUVs include blind spot warning, adaptive cruise control, and a rearview camera.

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Test Drive an SUV at Sheehy Auto Outlet

Here at Sheehy Auto Outlet, there are many different used SUV models of various brands and sizes. Each SUV is unique with different features and specs. As you gather questions along the way, send us a message and we’d be happy to help!